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You might wonder what is expected of your outfit if you are invited to a special occasion and get confuse to chose one from your ladies dresses collections. This type of event usually requires a very correct outfit and you could get noticed, look rude or inadequate if you do not wear the right outfit. Depending on the nature of the event, you may not be allowed to participate if you do not wear it. You can, however, know what to wear knowing what is expected of you during this type of event.

Read the invitation carefully. There is a subtle difference between “desired evening attire” and “required evening attire”. You can determine what is the most appropriate to wear knowing the time of day and the time of the year of this event.

Evening events are often more formal than those taking place during the day.

Events in winter require a more classic and darker outfit than those held in the summer.

Know what the term “required evening attire” means. If the invitation states, you should dress as elegantly as possible with what you have on hand  from your ladies dresses. If you do not have an evening dress or long dress, a classic suit or a cocktail dress  may do the trick.

You should assume your choice with confidence and accept that most of the guests are in formal wear, if you refuse to wear a formal dress where it is required.


Know what the term “desired evening wear” means.

This always suggests the very formal side of the event, but you have more sartorial choices. In this type of event, the guests will probably be divided into two groups, the people dressed and those who wear less formal dress.

Ask the people attending this event what they plan to wear if you still do not know what you should be putting. This can give you a good idea of ​​what you should wear, especially if you can ask this host for this event.

Understand what “good ladies dresses and creative outfit” means. This suggests that the event is fairly formal, but that you can be a little more flexible in choosing your clothes. This type of recommendation means that men can barter their evening dress for a less formal suit, a black shirt with a red tie, for example, to give an original touch to their outfit. Ladies can venture into more daring color choices for their dresses or go so far as to wear a tiara and long gloves.

Pay attention to the mention “obligatory evening dress”. This means that you will not be allowed to join this event if you do not wear the de rigeur. The following steps will guide you to dress properly and make sure you can participate in this event.


Wear  evening ladies dresses. This is usually a black wool suit, including a jacket and matching pants. The jacket can be double-breasted or plain, but the vest of a dress suit usually has a single button. The pockets of the jacket should not have a backhand.

The pants should match the color and material of the jacket, it should not have a setback at the base, but a band on the sides that matches the one on the collar of the jacket.

You could possibly wear a dark blue evening suit instead of black. White clothes can also be part of a very formal dress code, but are more common during the day and summer.