Crescent EG-PUM 39 Starter Package Electric Guitar Review

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Electric guitar is a modern addition in the era of musical instrument. Different manufacturer offers various type of acoustic electric guitar. Style of them, color and size are different from each other. Because different manufacturer has a different strategy to grab market and they offer unique features on their product. In this post, I will discuss Crescent EG-PUM 39 Starter Package Electric Guitar that has all necessary features and functionalities available.

Knowing the features always help you using your guitar effectively and use every single function with comfort. This is the reason behind; I will list some feature, advantages, and disadvantages to help you finding best crescent acoustic guitar among the available guitars. If you read the features of Crescent EG-PUM 39 Starter Package Electric Guitar, this will help to use this guitar effectively, and you will also understand the features of all crescent acoustic guitar.

Features of Crescent EG-PUM 39 Starter Package Electric Guitar:

Technical Specifications: Basswood body, Two Tone Knobs and 39-inch full-size guitar that has 22 frets available. This guitar is made for beginners and all functionality added in this full-size guitar. You will love its style and beautiful design. Additionally, this guitar has three single coil pickups that ensure smooth tone.

The material of Production: Maplewood and rosewood used in the body. But neck material is Maplewood with a truss rod that makes this product powerful and functional. You will love its amazing outlook for the amazing material used in the body. There have four strings used in this guitar that ensure good tune and music quality.

Type of Guitar: This is an adjustable right-hand oriented guitar that is perfect for learners. As this guitar is made of special type of wood, this is comparatively lightweight. Maplewood and Rosewood help to make it stylish in look. Anyone can use this guitar for its adjustable feature.

Price: Considering all premium features, this guitar is comparatively cheap. You will get all necessary features and functions on your guitar, but the price is very much affordable. This is the latest addition on Crescent acoustic guitars. If you are thinking to purchase a guitar within your budget that has all necessary feature, you must pick this guitar for its beautiful design and functionalities.

Other Features: This product is covered with warranty support and free shipping service that adds extra advantage. It’s shipping weight is 8.6 pounds, and product dimensions are 41 x 3 x 15.5 inches. For its comfortable size, it’s easy to carry and very much effective to use your guitar for a long time. Few features are specially added for beginners that add extra advantage for them. You must read the user manual before you take any decisions.

Final Words: There is various guitar available in the market. All of them has special feature and functionality. But Crescent EG-PUM 39 Starter Package Electric Guitar is specially made beginners. If you are thinking to purchase a guitar for learning the purpose, you must read this review carefully and take positive decisions to pick one for you.