Specialized custom printed tee shirts for promotion

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Whether it is for personalized or promotional purposes, the custom printed tee shirts have always been a top place. With the advancement of latest technology, now there are so many techniques available for using in t-shirt printing. Below are some of the best techniques utilized in tee shirt printing that include

Sublimation printing

This is a type of custom printed tee shirts in which the ink is turned into gas by using heat. But this method is not that much popular and it is only limited availability, so a demand for synthetic clothing.

Heat transfer printing

In this printing method, you can transfer the photos or designs to the tee shirt by using heat or iron. Of course, this is one of the cheapest methods to use, but the only drawback is having a very short life for t-shirt. However, this method can be advisable for small scale businesses. The white t-shirts are most recommended t-shirts for this heat transfer printing.

Vinyl transfer printing

This method is commonly used for the colored fabrics. It delivers the best results, when it comes to color layering and also brings you a lot of freedom to select the different designs and colors for your custom printed tee shirts. It is similar to the heat transfer printing, but the only difference is vinyl and it is cut out initially before the heat transfer. Normally, this could be done for single printing that takes more time.

Study how to screen print tee shirts?

Basically, there are many steps involved in studying how to screen print tee shirts. Each step will take you closer to the actual printing of a tee shirt. Actually, this process can be categorized into seven fundamental parts that include:

  • Make an artwork positive
  • Output an artwork to film
  • Create the screen
  • Expose your film positive to the screen
  • Washout the stencil in screen
  • Print tee shirts
  • Cure printed shirts in oven

At present, there are several possible ways to accomplish a screen print. The above listed process can be a rough commercial outline. If you want to know in-depth on printing tee shirts, you can simply refer the following link topprint2000.com and gain more information about the screen printing. During the process of screen print tee shirts; there is no need for using difficult materials and equipments or any light sensitive chemicals.

Information you need to know about the tee-shirt printing

When you opt for your personal shirt, the custom screen printing tee shirt is a right option for you. For this, you need to choose a design to put onto the shirt. Make sure that the idea can be your own creation or designed by someone unique. Before trying this, you will need to conduct some studies and then know how to create the custom screen printing t-shirt that suits your best needs. As well as, you can make any type of design for yourself and design your own shirt of clothing. If you become expert in this, you can start selling the tee shirts to your fans for making money.