Vantel Pearls Consultants Information

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General Conduct

Consultants shall shield and promote the best popularity of Vantel Pearls and its merchandise, and need to avoid all misleading, misleading, unethical or immoral behavior or practices, and should exhibit high moral man or woman of their personal and professional conduct. Consultants shall not have interaction with any action which could damage the Company’s goodwill or reputation. When in place of the Vantel Pearls brand, option or products, Consultants shall conduct themselves in a specialist, respectful way and look.

Consultant Status and Qualifications

You end up a Vantel Pearls self-governing Consultant while your finished Agreement has been acquired and familiar by means of the Company at its Home Office. To end up a Vantel Pearls Independent Consultant, You must to be 18 years or older, be a United States citizen or permanent occupant, possess a valid Social Security Number or Green Card, and be sponsored during a present-day Consultant or the Vantel pearls Consultant Home office.

Independent Contractor Status

You keep in mind that you are not an employee of Vantel Pearls and shall now not be entitled to acquire any blessings from Vantel Pearls in any way. Vantel Pearls shall now not be required to withhold or contribute for employment coverage, Workers’ Compensation and various similar levies in respect of bills to be made to you. You shall be responsible for paying all applicable federal and state/provincial withholding taxes, supply deductions, taxes, and employment coverage rates, Workers’ Compensation contributions, other levies, premiums, license requirements and expenses associated with your profits and sports as a Consultant. You agree that as a Consultant You is an unbiased contractor, and not a worker, agent, accomplice, felony representative or franchisee of Vantel Pearls. You shall be entirely responsible for paying all fees incurred by way of Yourself, which include however not restrained to tour, food, accommodations, secretarial, office, lengthy-distance cell phone and other costs. You can have and maintain control of the way and manner of your performance. You will have any electricity or authority to incur any debt, duty or liability on Vantel Pearls’ behalf.

No Exclusive Territories/Solicitation of Overseas Business

No franchise is granted, and there aren’t any extraordinary territories for sales or sponsoring functions. You may additionally promote and sponsor within the 50 states of America and the District of Columbia. You won’t solicit business from different countries and U.S. Territories (i.e., Puerto Rico, Guam).

Sales Receipts

Consultants should offer their retail customers that buy products immediately from the Consultant with one copy of an official Vantel Pearls income receipt at the time of the sale. Federal and state regulation requires that Consultants notify their retail customers that they have three business days, five commercial enterprise days for Alaska citizens, inside which to cancel their buy and obtain a full refund upon going back of the goods in notably as precise situation as after they had been added. Consultants should keep all retail income receipts for a length of years and provide them to Vantel Pearls at the Company’s request.

Submitting Orders

Consultants are predicted to observe the method outlined inside the back office for accurate submission of orders. This includes correctly entering orders into Ollie Net and packaging orders in step with the tips set by Vantel Pearls.